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I used to believe that if I weighed the perfect weight, made over $100,000 a year as a successful professional, that the sky would open and the perfect man would walk into my life and we would live happily ever after. In reality when I hit 109 pounds on the scale and made over $100,000 I was miserable, empty, sad and lonely. The money didn’t matter… the beauty didn’t matter…and there was no knight in shining armor. It still wasn’t good enough…I wasn’t good enough. The hole inside me couldn’t be filled by money, men or good looks. It took me years of self-loathing before I learned how to be good enough…just for me

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to make a difference…and even in my darkest hours as an adult, I could still see my inner-child waiting with a light that shined like a beacon calling me to my higher purpose. I had a deeply rooted idea, or better yet, a hope that all the bad stuff that happened to me, didn’t happen for nothing…there had to be bigger picture. And today, I believe that if I have the courage to speak my truth, I will inspire others to be courageous too. 

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