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Tales of Fried Bologna is one woman’s story as she takes a journey of a lifetime - a journey to forgiveness. Laugh out loud funny and emotionally gut-wrenching as the author shares “tales” of her life experiences. This book is a powerful reminder of the importance of forgiveness and how to find it.

"Your book is a page turner! Hard to put down - can't wait to pick it up again!" - Suzanne

“I finished the book this morning with tears running down my face. What an amazing journey your life has been. THANK YOU for sharing with us Sarah.” Christy

“I finished your book! You are an incredible writer and an inspiration!! To have come through all you did and to be able to have forgiveness and peace shows you have incredible strength!” Tracy

“I just finished my FIRST book, cover to cover. I have always wanted to read but never felt motivated or inclined. As soon as I opened this book last Saturday (heart racing with adrenaline within the first few pages), I found myself on page 62. I haven't been able to put the book down. Finished reading this AWESOME book in 7 days!! I'm actually a bit sad that I am done. Sarah Michelle Bliss has taught me compassion, love and forgiveness. We all have our "beasties" and a past, NOW we must forgive and move forward (as we are the prisoner in our own skin if we do not). Looking forward to your future books and your Forgiveness Class.” Kristy

Tales of Fried Bologna, Sarah Michelle Bliss, Author

Tales of Fried Bologna: A Journey to Forgiveness

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