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"Sarah's ability to get to the root of your personal concerns is simply astounding! Every time I have met with Sarah, we've always uncovered feelings & thoughts that have helped empower me to make good decisions in my life. I'll always be grateful to the sweet spirit & patient soul that Sarah is & to the wonderful way she can bring out the best in everyone around her! Some of us are gifted in certain aspects of our life, but Sarah herself is simply gifted." 

"Sarah has been more than a friend to me from the moment I met her, it has been more like a family connection. She has been a true inspiration and assisted me through my thought processes. Personally, I have three young children and I am married. She made a point to focus in on what made me happy and figure out why I am so consumed by my professional life. She really allowed me to be myself and take a deep breath of fresh air. I am lucky and blessed to have Sarah in my life, as a friend and a coach. She knows how to calm a world of chaos. Thank you Sarah." 

"I have had the privilege of working on and off with Sarah in different capacities for 8 years. As a buyer agent on a team in which she was the team manager, she kept me and the others accountable in many ways. At the time, I may not have seen the benefits of a daily log and setting goals, but as time progressed, it became very clear of their importance. Now that I am an independent agent, I still look to her for coaching and guidance. She always provides tools to be successful, from classes she teaches to scripts and printed material I can easily grasp and work with. It’s easy to lose focus and not manage time wisely, things which are necessary and vital to being successful in owning a business. “Being intentional” is one of her key lessons and I take it to heart. Life happens while homes are being bought and sold. By being intentional, I’m able to keep my priorities straight, move forward daily with a goal in mind and not let outside influences distract me. Without a coach like Sarah holding me accountable, I sometimes run around like a crazy person putting out fires and not putting in the time to secure the next month’s business. She helps me identify where my strengths and weaknesses are so I can move forward more confidently and effectively. Her honesty and challenges can at times make me feel uncomfortable, but that only helps me improve in all areas. She’s taught me that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable and she often gives me permission to do and feel things I sometimes doubt myself. She’s like a little real estate fairy that sits on my shoulder whispering “You can do it!” I truly believe that without her help, guidance and a much needed kick-in-the-butt, I wouldn’t be growing in my business. She has a gift of teaching, a gift of insight and a gift of encouragement. I am extremely blessed and thankful for all that she has done for me. Any Realtor, whether they have 6 months in the business or 20 years, can benefit from having Sarah as a coach." 

Danielle Martinez, Associate Broker 


Nitara in Phoenix, AZ

Mandy in Glendale, AZ